The new year is already promising lots of bright opportunities with old and new clients. As we continue to take our skills to the next level, there is a need to grow our talented team of interactive developers. After an exhaustive search, we are delighted to welcome our first new hire of 2020: Brian Tucker!

Gatorworks Welcomes Brian Tucker!

Read Brian’s Professional Bio

You said in your professional bio, that you knew in 6th grade you wanted to be a developer—that’s crazy! How did you know what you wanted to do at such a young age?

I played (and still play) a lot of video games and aspired to be a game developer when I was younger. I started doing research on how to make that happen and discovered programming!

How do you feel your personality matches your career in development?

I’m a pretty introverted person and obsessed with technology, so working as a developer was the perfect career choice to fit my personality. I spend most of my time problem solving, working on computers, and constantly challenging myself. It all helps to keep me entertained.

What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

“Be adaptive.” When interning in college, one of the senior developers on my team advised me to not get too ingrained with a specific technology or framework. His advice was to learn the fundamentals and be open to any new technology improving efficiency and reducing the hassles often present in development. 

If you could live in any TV show/sitcom, which one would it be and why?

“Avatar the Last Airbender.” When the show came out, I was around the same age as the main character and instantly got hooked. That created world was detailed, vast, and filled with hybrid creatures contributing to the story as much as their human counterparts. I always fantasized about being an airbender—but why settle with one when you can be the Avatar?

If you had the ability to communicate with all animals or speak every foreign language on Earth, which ability would you choose?

I would choose to speak every language. I once traveled to Guatemala and felt completely helpless not knowing how to communicate. Luckily, we had two Spanish speakers in our group so, with their expertise, we were able to survive. I do wonder what my dog is thinking though—especially as she eats her bed.

Where’s your favorite place that you’ve ever traveled to and where is your ultimate dream destination?

Powder Mountain, Utah. I was initially disappointed when we decided on this mountain but after our first day, I fell in love. The mountain provided plenty of ungroomed trails which felt as if you were riding through an untouched forest. Even though I lost my cellphone on that trip, it was my favorite boarding spot to date. 

My ultimate dream destination would probably be to go to the Zermatt ski resort in Switzerland. The landscape is like nothing I’ve ever seen, with great views of the Matterhorn—and it is in the Swiss Alps! With any free time I’d have left, I’d take the Eurail to whatever surrounding countries I can.

Want to learn more about Brian? Connect with him on LinkedIn.