When new opportunities unfold, it’s important to prepare for what is to come. With 2019 demanding more digital marketing projects than ever before, we needed an extra hand to assist our growing customer base. After searching high and low, we are pleased to welcome our newest Junior Digital Consultant, Alex Ambach.

Gatorworks Welcomes Alex Ambach

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What drew you to pursue a career in digital marketing?

A feature of my life since its inception, I’ve had a love for the digital and a history of seeing advertising in action. My father has been a marketing man, and my mother is ‘tech challenged.’ But they both led me to learn the importance of working with increasingly powerful digital tools and how advertising affects people’s daily lives. When offered the chance in my adult life, I jumped headfirst into the deep end of that world.

Tell us about your origins. What brought you to Louisiana?

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and educated at Miami University (the Ohio one, not the beautiful beach paradise). I’ve been in Louisiana for about six months. Right after graduation, some friends going to LSU invited me. I packed up and headed down to seek my fortune.

Imagine that you were granted a month off of work and money was not an issue—where would you travel to and why?

Given a chance to immerse myself in a different culture, I’d love to travel to Germany. I have a little experience with the language—and a love for pretzels and Schnitzel—so it seems like the perfect spot. Not to mention, there’s a small German village sharing my last name, and I’m pretty sure I might be their king.

Who inspires you most in your career?

I’m most inspired by people who find themselves unsatisfied and who are always on the grind to achieve the exceptional. Elon Musk and Lin-Manuel Miranda—while far more talented and successful than myself—are among those I attempt to emulate. Non-stop!

Which Robin Hood movie retelling is your favorite and why?

The 1949 classic “Rabbit Hood” featuring Bugs Bunny. It’s clearly the superior of the two animated Robin Hood films.

What are you looking forward to most working at Gatorworks?

I’m excited most about the opportunity to dig deep into targeted display. It’s on the rise at Gatorworks—and in the digital world in general. I feel that targeted display advertising possesses not only the potential to make campaigns successful but also to connect good people with products and services to better meet their needs.

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