Marketing Internship Baton Rouge

Hi there! My name is Ryan Pepperman. If you’re reading this, you might be in the position as I was last summer. You’re a student looking for a top marketing internship in Baton Rouge. As an LSU digital advertising student, I yearned for any way to separate myself from my peers. I noticed a plethora of marketing internships on job websites. At the Manship School, guest speakers commonly share their stories with students. In one such occurrence, Gatorworks president Brian Rodriguez spoke with my class. 

Gatorworks Marketing Internship in Baton Rouge

The capabilities of the agency stuck in my head during my internship search. I connected with Gatorworks originally through their website. After effectively navigating LinkedIn I sent an introductory email and arranged an introductory interview. After corresponding with Gatorworks over the following months I accepted an offer that began in the fall of 2019. An unforgettable fall in Baton Rouge, if I do say so myself!

I interned in the office from September 2019 until March 2020. Since then, I have worked from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gatorworks is the template for what any future professional could hope to find in an agency. The stunning office and outdoor scenery you will not find elsewhere. However, it’s the amazing coworkers that make Gatorworks a tranquil yet prolific environment to learn and work.  

My Gatorworks Experience

Over the past nine months, Gatorworks has given me a real, tangible marketing skillset. Agencies across the country use these marketing techniques every day. Many “marketing internships” do not provide the same opportunities. Even some undergraduate degrees do not prepare you with the current skills you need. My marketing internship in Baton Rouge provided invaluable experience working alongside experienced professionals. 

The aspect that immediately stood out was that this internship could be whatever I would make it. My tasks differed weekly. I gained comprehensive experience in web design, content, SEO, targeted display, and more. By coming in every day with a willingness to learn new things, my superiors were more than willing to teach. On day one, I started helping with web design— something utterly foreign to me. My willingness to ask questions was more than accepted, it was applauded. There is so much to learn from an opportunity like this. 

As I learned, I grew in my role. As I grew in my role, I accumulated more responsibilities. With more responsibility, I gained foresight into what I wanted my future agency role to be. My marketing internship in Baton Rouge concludes soon. It’s fair to say I felt more like a real member of the team than a part-time intern. 

Signing Off To Start My Career

I am not the first Gatorworks intern and I will not be the last. While times are currently uncertain—especially for recent college grads—I am hopeful for a return to normalcy. I owe a great amount to this marketing internship in Baton Rouge and have gained unwavering confidence in my marketing abilities. I found clarity that my future agency role will be as a digital strategist. This internship was something I wanted even before the first interview. The acceptance email put a wide smile across my face, the same smile I have writing this blog post. 

Dear current student, erase any doubts you may have about what Gatorworks can offer you. I have formed long-lasting relationships. The skills I acquired will take me a long way. I have absolutely no regrets and a promising career in marketing on the horizon. Thank you to all who made my marketing internship in Baton Rouge unforgettable.

Interested In Interning? 

Here at Gatorworks, we love our interns! Are you ambitious, love to ask questions, and are passionate about furthering your marketing know-how? Give us a shout. We look forward to meeting you!