As Gatorworks continues to grow in 2021, we found we needed more assistance dedicated to managing new projects and clients. With a great deal of experience creating and implementing marketing plans to promote business across print, broadcast, and online media, Jordan Basham is ready to lead clients to success!

Gatorworks welcomes Jordan Basham!Tell us a bit about yourself, Jordan!

I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I met my husband, Michael, in high school and we’ve been together for 13 exciting years! My leisure time is spent amongst my family and friends, home-brewing beer, hanging out with our dogs, and usually planning our next weekend getaway.

A fun fact about me is that I run a local Instagram called @WheretoGeaux225. I have a huge passion for supporting local businesses, especially when it comes to the Baton Rouge area. I’m known for being a foodie and I constantly have friends, family, and strangers reach out about where to go in Baton Rouge. 

What drew you to marketing? 

I love that in marketing, no day is ever the same. I can wake up, write an article or a blog post, have a few strategy meetings or calls, review results from last week’s campaigns, head off-site for a client meeting, plan unique campaigns, develop strategies, and make dozens of other pivots like this.

Guilty pleasure show?

I never commit to one show at a time, but if I had to pick it’s gonna be Scrubs. Every episode is filled with cheesy conversations, goofy comedy, and hidden plots throughout the entire show. 

Coming from the client side of things, what are some things you believe would be beneficial for clients to know when starting work with an agency?

The most important thing clients should know when starting work with an agency is that you get a team that has your back! You get a diverse group of experts who live and breathe this stuff. I also find that working with a group that has experience outside of your industry is key. The more I spend time in the industry, the more I’m amazed by common themes and lessons learned that we’ve been able to apply to our clients. From optimizing paid search performance, compliance on social media, and accessibility, a marketing agency has its hands on multiple projects at any given time. This kind of experience saves money, time, and other headaches down the road.  

Word on the street is that you visit a new country every year! What countries have you been to? Is there a favorite?

My husband and I have been traveling the world together for more than a decade. We’ve been lucky to visit 10+ countries on four continents. Some of our favorite countries have been Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

If we have to pick a favorite, I’d say New Zealand takes the cake! It took over 24 hours to get there, and when we finally did, it was well worth it. New Zealand had everything we hoped for, including stunning mountains, hiking trails, cheap mountain huts, beautiful beaches, winding roads, scenic landscapes, and very tasty wine. 

Want to learn more about Jordan? Connect with her on LinkedIn.