Brian Rodriguez, who owns a local Web design and development firm, appeared on the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends today to speak out against a requirement to teach cursive writing in schools. Rodriguez, owner of Gator Works, says students would be better off becoming familiar with technology than working on penmanship. He got the appearance through a friend who lives in Nashville, Tenn., and books guests for talk shows. Fox & Friends wanted to do a segment on penmanship after a recent USA Today article about how Florida schools reinstated cursive writing lessons. “They were looking for a tech guy and a small business owner to talk about this,” he says. Rodriguez says he’s already gotten a lot of feedback from the appearance, including calls from people who called him “an elitist” because of his stance. See the video here.
Reprinted from The Baton Rouge Business Report “Daily Report” email from January 29, 2009.