Luna is an Addy-Award winning and Search Engine Land-published marketer who brings five years of experience in digital campaign strategy and paid search optimization with a focus on ROAS.

Google- and Hubspot-certified, Luna’s approach focuses on the intersection of keyword research and landing page CRO.

Born in Miami, FL and raised in central Louisiana, Luna attended Millsaps College and graduated with a double major in History and Communications. After starting her career grant-writing for the nonprofit sector, Luna finally found her calling in digital marketing. With a strong understanding of SEO, content, social media, and PPC, she brings a holistic perspective to advertising. She is most interested in the psychology of selling and what ultimately drives the audience to convert. She aims to evolve her career towards market research and focus group work.

In her spare time, Luna enjoys writing and reading as well as consistently developing her repertoire of vegetarian recipes.