Two Locals Create Interactive Map

Baton Rouge residents Jason Broha and Brian Rodriguez are excited to announce the launch of a new website that tracks upcoming developments in the Baton Rouge area. The website, Developing Baton Rouge, was created to aggregate information and inform the community on the progress of the Greater Baton Rouge area.

Developing Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Developments, Gatorworks

The main feature of the site is an interactive map showcasing over 75 developments that have been announced or are currently under construction. Users can filter the projects on the map by key categories such as retail, restaurants/bars, hospitality, public spaces, and more. There is also an aggregated news center, focusing on Baton Rouge development and an original news content section. The original news section includes renderings of the @Highland tech office park and new concept details for Southfin Southern Poké.

The website development was done by the team at Gatorworks, a full service digital marketing agency based out of Baton Rouge.

Tracking Baton Rouge Developments

“This started out as a passion project for us. We both love this city and are excited about its future. New developments, from hospitality to civic/public spaces will only help move the needle forward to make Baton Rouge one of America’s next great cities. Hopefully this site sparks interest and inspiration in anyone looking to make their own mark in Baton Rouge,” said Broha.

The team hopes that the website can be used as a tool for developers to announce their upcoming projects, to communicate economic development advances, and to help inspire young talent to remain in the area.

“It’s always such a shame to see young professionals leave the area because they feel Baton Rouge doesn’t have the quality of life or culture of other cities,” stated Rodriguez. The team hopes that alerting these professionals of all the various projects going on in the area could help them choose Baton Rouge as the place to work, live, and play.