Experimental News Aggregator Built Entirely on Twitter Feeds Launches Today

(Baton Rouge – LA) Newstwit.net, an experimental news aggregator built entirely on twitter feeds launches today. The website was created by two Baton Rouge firms, Liquid Ventures and Gatorworks, and will feature hundreds of twitter feeds spread across multiple content channels.

Visitors to Newstwit.net can choose from broad areas like Technology or Sports, drill down to more specific areas or choose breaking news from a specific state.

The founders plan to rapidly expand from their initial list of content channels to include everything from countries to individual sports teams and leagues. According to founder Charlie Davis, “The possibilities are endless.”

Davis continued, “Despite twitter’s enormous popularity, the service is still in its infancy and is growing at an astounding rate. We’re really excited to be the first company to launch a news portal built entirely on twitter streams.”

Logan Leger, lead developer on the project for Gatorworks said, “Newstwit is ready to handle the heavy traffic we expect over the next few weeks as word of our launch spreads.”

About the firms behind Newstwit.net:

Liquid Ventures – the juncture of politics, technology and new media

Gatorworks – Our designers create beautiful sites that remain focused on the user, and our developers hand-code semantic, valid (X)HTML and CSS