All successful companies know that a significant Web presence is an essential element in a 21st century marketing and advertising program. A large percentage of the consumers in any given marketplace are Web savvy and fully expect to gain information on a product or service via a simple online search. If you’re not on the Web, you may as well be out of business.

GatorWorks Web Design, located in Baton Rouge, La., helps companies enhance their online marketing and advertising capabilities by combining professional, creative designs with the functionality that delivers an efficient Web application.

Recently, the team at GatorWorks designed a Web site for RadJet, a Houston-based company that has adapted and enhanced the use of radial jetting technology to coil tubing units utilized in oil and gas production.

“GatorWorks has done an excellent job in showcasing our services in a way that’s both eye-catching and informative,” Michel Bouchard of RadJet said. “The site is attractive and user-friendly and clearly communicates our value to potential customers. In addition, [GatorWorks founder and president] Brian Rodriguez and his team were very attentive to our needs and worked hard to get the site ready in a timely manner.”

GatorWorks prides itself on developing and deploying professionally designed Web sites and Web-based applications within a fast, effective timeframe. Because it takes the time to understand the unique needs of each client, GatorWorks implements a well-planned information technology initiative. The firm has worked with a number of local and international clients in a wide variety of industries, such as the engineering, healthcare, oil and gas, governmental and consumer retail sectors.

For more information, please visit www. or contact Brian Rodriguez at (225) 709-6153.

Reprinted from BIC Magazine, November 2008 issue.