We are so excited to introduce to you a brand new member of the Gatorworks team! Her name is McKenzie Jacobs and she is our newest Project Manager. McKenzie will work in tandem with her team and her clients to ensure every project deadline and all expectations are met.

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Tell us a little about yourself – where you’re from, do you have a pet, are you an iced or hot latte kind of person, etc.?

I am Texas born and raised. While I do love my home state, you won’t have to worry about me being one of those obnoxious people with an “Everything is better in Texas” decal or sporting all Texas-flag apparel. A lover of change and exploring, I actually trekked cross-country to tour 22 college campuses my senior year of high school. I decided on a small, private school called Wake Forest, nestled in the rolling hills of North Carolina.

While my time there was fantastic, I couldn’t deny my cajun roots and was called to the home of crawfish boils, southern hospitality, and LSU football. My parents both attended LSU (and actually met at Fred’s) and thus I grew up wearing purple and gold. I remember LSU football games being some of my favorite memories as a child, which still holds true. Ever since arriving junior year, I have grown an even deeper love for Baton Rouge. I actually have recently discovered some hidden gems in Baton Rouge such as the Raising Cane’s dog park in City Park and MJ’s Cafe. I took my four month old White German Shepherd puppy to the dog park recently, and it was quite a blast. Honestly, I think I had more fun than he did. When I have free time, I love spending it outdoors. My go-to weekend would be a trip to Tunica Hills hiking area. They have THE best (probably only) waterfalls in Louisiana. Now that I have a pup I cannot wait to take him there!

What are you most looking forward to as a part of the GW team?

Opportunity. Not only does my position allow for opportunity to grow and learn skills in different areas, but the people around me foster an encouraging and supportive environment. I also really value my ability to have my creative voice heard, which is something that Gatorworks inspires. This perfect combination gives me the opportunity to become an adept young professional.   

Favorite happy hour in Baton Rouge?

Does Fred’s free drinks count? In all seriousness I would most likely say The Rum House. The ambience, the funky drinks, the “Damn Good Nachos” just make for a great time. They have drinks specials every weekday from 3pm-6pm, which is pretty awesome. Could this be the reason I chose to leave work at 4:30pm every day? Quite possibly.

How much time do you typically spend watching Netflix on the weekends?

The limit does not exist. But really, aren’t weekends our designated Netflix time? Although I am an adventurous soul I always love coming home to some Narcos, Breaking Bad, or Shameless. I legit cried after I finished Shameless. These shows almost feel like my family that I get to come home to after a long day. Is that bad?

If you could go back to one point in history, but couldn’t change anything, what would you witness?

Hmm…this is quite an intriguing question. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would want to witness the first Olympic games, held in Olympia, Greece around 8th century B.C. Not only am I huge fan of the games, but I think the culture and concept behind the Olympics are fascinating. Picture the modern fan favorites such as swimming, gymnastics, and track and field in the form of horse races, combat sports, and pankration (an ancient form of fighting). The idea of experiencing the ancient Greeks battling in Olympia’s sacred arenas is something you would expect in a Greek Mythology classic such as the Iliad.

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