We’re Pleased to Welcome Will Ford to the Gatorworks Team!

July 21, 2021

Gatorworks is continuing its rapid growth into 2021, and we are excited to add another member to our team! Client relationships are one of the most important factors of our business, so we were on the search to find new talent to assist with our growing client base. With project management and business development experience, Will is excited to help our clients in any way that he can. Please welcome our newest Account Manager, Will! 

Welcome Will Ford, Gatorworks' newest accountment manager!Your background is in economic development, so what interested you in digital marketing?

I’ve always had a desire to work in a creative industry, and I even conducted research on the benefits of marketing and its relationship to city branding while in college. The project tangibility of digital marketing and the opportunity to dig into my creative side, while also relying on my project management experience, really attracted me to the job. 

If you could meet one dinosaur, and talk to it, which one would it be?

I would love to meet a stegosaurus. I just feel like they are misunderstood. 

What’s the most important thing when managing an account or project? 

To me, it is extremely important to establish trust with your client as well as with our team at Gatorworks. A project/account manager serves as an advocate for both sides, so we need to have clear communication to provide a great project experience to the client while also representing our team in a positive way.

Favorite local Baton Rouge restaurant? 

Anthony’s on Government is my go-to. Their Godfather sandwich is unbeatable. 

What is your low-key super power? 

I have a fantastic memory. I can pull obscure details from conversations that happened months ago.