As the premier multi-speciality clinic in the area, Baton Rouge Clinic needed a website with the power and functionality to support its capabilities—just like it supports the community with excellent medical care.

The Project

Established in 1946, Baton Rouge Clinic is a staple in the Baton Rouge Community. With the amount of foot traffic coming through the doors, the clinic needed a website that could effectively handle this web traffic and attract more. A more capable website needed to provide copious amounts of content while still remaining organized, as well as give patients an easy-to-use portal.

Physician Filtering

The primary objective in utilizing a filtering system for the Physicians and Optometrists was to prevent users from having to unnecessarily scroll to search through the long list of names. On the new site, Gatorworks  provided users three sorting options to find the provider they were looking for—specialty, last name, as well as a standard search field that allows for users to type in either.

Cross Referencing Post Types

To make this large site more digestible, Gatorworks designed the site with a high level of functionality and connectedness. This was achieved by creating natural pathways linking relevant Physicians, Services, and News posts throughout various inner pages. For example, if the user were to click on the Internal Medicine page, they would see all physicians in this specialty, be able to click to read the bio of each physician, and then be linked to related news posts. The result was a site in which all elements support one another and work together to create seamless functionality.

Patient Portal

The integration of the MyChart portal was a main focal point of the website due to the various functions it served. With capabilities such as bill pay, useful forms and resources, access to medical records, and appointment requests, MyChart essentially gives patients the power to fulfill all requests and needs. This was key for creating an user-friendly digital experience for patients.

Project Summary

Baton Rouge Clinic has an astounding reputation in the Baton Rouge area, and Gatorworks supported this reputation through a website with the power to better assist new and current patients for years to come.