An interactive, yet highly simplistic, design was perfect for a company who focuses on simplifying complex data and transforming it into tools to help their clients.

The very foundation of Causeway Solutions could be perfectly translated into a strategic design. Our idea was to reflect their theme of simplification through their products, into a website with a straightforward message about what they do. We also enhanced this message with moving, geometric designs that allow users to interact with it.

On Screen

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Key Features

Aside from the moving geometric designs, achieving a technological, engaging theme to the site, we wanted to drive the users down particular paths to two sections: products and services.

Therefore, all the content on the homepage was strategically placed to guide the users to these pages by highlighting each product, and showing images of their customized tools. The entire site was built with mobile in mind, utilizing the standard mobile “hamburger” menu on all browser sizes, including desktop.

We also followed the theme of simplicity into the content itself. Instead of providing excessive amounts of data about their own products, Causeway Solutions kept their content short and sweet, highlighting only the necessary and most up-to-date information to encourage users to contact them and learn more.