MasteryPrep’s highly focused business strategy and effective products have pushed¬†the company into a rapid growth mode.

We were given the opportunity to go through the entire branding process, from logo to brand standards to print and digital execution. Beginning with the core of their business: to help students increase their ACT and SAT scores, we took an in-depth look at their main targets, which are the school principals and administrators. Their products are highly tailored for education institutions, and our branding strategy, website, and online marketing plan was handled in the same way.

On Screen

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Key Features

Using the unique products that MasteryPrep offers, we built a website that featured these in an interactive slider, allowing the user to navigate through each product, viewing a snapshot of its features, and follow that product to more information.

Because the website, and the company, is still growing, we brought in a hidden/mobile navigation solution that allows the navigation to grow without worrying about size constraints. It also directs the user down the page, to interact with the content on the homepage that is specifically placed for a strategic purpose.

As the user scrolls down the page, they can interact with the products navigation bar at the bottom, taking them to each specific product page. Upon further scroll they would read more about MasteryPrep, invite users to visit a featured blog post and fill out a contact form, immediately converting visitors to potential customers.