As a fuel and lubricant provider to various plants and mills across the state, Miguez Fuel needed an online resource to reach their customers anywhere, anytime.

The Project

Miguez Fuel is located in south Louisiana, but travels almost anywhere to reach their valued clients. With a wide inventory and a knowledgeable sales team, customers rely on Miguez’s expertise and convenience of product delivery and ordering. On the website, Gatorworks sought to exemplify Miquez’s unique value proposition with an organized product archive and listing. We also showcased their services pertaining to their various industries with which they do business.

Intro Video

Nothing is more compelling than video. Miguez Fuel had to take photos for the new website, so we encouraged them to invest in some video as well. Upon seeing the final result, we put this video front and center and stylized to match the rest of their branding.

Product Slider

Some products are just more popular than others. They deserved to be featured on the homepage in an attention-grabbing way. Using a sleek design aesthetic, we built this slider to showcase the most in-demand products. 

Product Architecture

Fuel and lubricant products are sold to a variety of industries and fall under a range of categories. Because of this variety, it was important to organize these so clients could easily review. Additionally, each product contains different specifications—such as features, application use, warranty information, and product data—which all needed to be included on the product page. 

Sales Portal

In addition to creating a brand-new website, Gatorworks created an online sales portal where clients could login and order Miguez products.

Project Summary

With the help of new photography and drone footage, Gatorworks built a sleek and responsive website to showcase Miguez’s product inventory and benefits. Those benefits include online ordering through a custom sales portal and next-day delivery.