A long-time client of Gatorworks, The Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ) requested a redesign and refresh of the website Gatorworks originally built nearly ten years ago.

The Project

A Long-Standing Relationship

Since 2008, the Office of Juvenile Justice has looked to Gatorworks for website maintenance and support. When the passing of time necessitated a website update, Gatorworks was the obvious choice!

After doing a thorough content audit to cull outdated content, Gatorworks created a new site map in which various sections of the site were planned out. The included pages feature comprehensive policy sections and a regional offices page with an interactive map and the option to go to an interoffice page.

An aspect of the site requiring caution was the nature of the organization. Due to the sensitive topic of juvenile justice, it was important for Gatorworks to strike the right balance of warmth and informativeness when designing the site.

Project Summary

Due to the long relationship, Gatorworks had a robust understanding of OJJ’s brand, content, and needs, which led to a successful and a well-deserved website refresh.