Signs and graphics are made to leave lasting impressions, which is why, for a printing business, we needed to do the same for their website.

Rebel Graphix came to Gatorworks with a brand new logo and identity and laid out all their work and services and asked us: what can you do with all this? Our answer was a long-winded one. We returned with a full wireframe mock-up, creative examples and exciting pitches for our many colorful and highly contemporary ideas.

On Screen

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Key Features

Following the trend of scrolling websites that has derived from the use of websites on mobile devices, we pitched a longer scrolling website with various sections highlighting key pieces of Rebel’s content.

The user first lands on a large beautiful image upon load that showcases Rebel’s unique workspace. Upon scrolling the user will learn a bit about Rebel and what “Partners” mean to them, as well as their list of services that link to each service page. After services, we chose to feature partner logos and scrolling testimonials to foster credibility. The page ends with a stylized map of the location of their shop with a clean footer holding their contact info and social media links…

…Essentially everything that a user needs to know (services, reputable partners and testimonials) to entice them to explore more of Rebel’s site.