A fun and quirky screen-printed apparel company run by talented individuals needed a website to meet their business needs as well as reflect its company culture.

The Project

A site for a company such as Giraphic—a screen-printing and design company in Baton Rouge—allows for more design flexibility than say, a governmental or medical site. Giraphic was willing to showcase its quirky brand and style with a visually stimulating design. They enlisted Gatorworks to help achieve that goal, and the site ultimately accomplished this—and earned an American Advertising Award.

Looping Video Integration

Giraphic is passionate about its screen printing and specialized equipment. Every t-shirt goes through a fascinating and unique process. To help users fully understand this specialized effort, a video was created and placed at the top of the homepage to give a glimpse into the workshop.

Instagram Feed

Giraphic Prints not only does screen-printing and embroidery, but also has a stellar graphic design team who creates many of the prints. With such visual content—as well as a fun, dynamic brand—embedding Giraphic’s Instagram feed onto the homepage allowed for real, constantly updated content.

Get a Quote Form

Giraphic needed a comprehensive form users could fill out online to get quotes for potential orders. Having the ability to intake information and pass it along to the sales team was critical to internal processes. Gatorworks ensured the form was flexible and accurate so Giraphic could serve customers efficiently and accurately.

Project Summary

Giraphic Prints’ award-winning website properly showcases its exemplary services and unrivaled work.