Traditional marketing and digital advertisements are often thought of as opposites. But in reality, your website is a powerful tool for your traditional marketing. If you’re like many people living in quarantine, you’ve likely seen “The Office.”

In episode two of the fourth season, the company Dunder Mifflin tries to revamp its website. They want to make it easier to use, improve sales, and regain lost customers. While the example is fictitious there’s a nugget of truth hidden in it. A good website is vital to businesses in the modern era.

Your Website is the Backbone of Your Marketing

Regardless of what your business does, a solid website can be the backbone of your endeavors. If you sell goods, a solid online storefront is the cornerstone of digital sales. Customer service online is more popular than over-the-phone communication. Even if you don’t sell anything online you can assist your customers in many considerable ways. If your customers expect to find something and don’t, it can hurt your business. This bad experience can wind up as a scarlet letter on your business reviews online.

Improve User Experience, Improve Sales

The best opportunities come from a good website and its ability to drive your customers to pages you want them to see. If your traditional marketing efforts are successful in driving people to your site, then a well-designed website can carry your conversions into the endzone! Billboards or mailing campaigns can be an incredible momentum builder. But, if a user goes to sign up for your service and they’re met with a dysfunctional website, they’re unlikely to follow through.

Get More From Your Traditional Marketing Campaigns

A well-built website enables you to capitalize on these traditional campaigns. Rather than a simple homepage link plastered on a billboard for passersby to follow, you can combine a specific landing page with a sale or promotion. This lets you “double-dip” with a powerful Site Retargeting element to make the most impact. Mailing lists become powerful tools to get interested customers across the finish line!

Use Site Retargeting to Improve Conversions

What comes after the conversion of a traditional client to a website visitor is what’s particularly interesting. With people responding to your endeavors, you can then hit them again and again with targeted messaging wherever they go. Site Retargeting paired with clever and inspired traditional campaigns can have explosive results!

The best part is that all you need is one successful site conversion, and you enter a new world of specific targeting and customized messaging. You have the ability to tailor the whole campaign to be as wide a net or narrow a target as you need for your products.