Armed with Addressable Geo-Fencing, your clientele are always in reach—even in their own homes.

Connecting with your customers is paramount, but the best way to do so is often unclear. What you need are options, and that’s exactly what Gatorworks delivers!

A powerful tool, Addressable Geo-Fencing (AGF) targets potential customers’ homes based on a whole host of different factors. These include home size, who lives at the address, property value, estimated household income, and more. With Gatorworks’ AGF capabilities, this powerful targeting is at your fingertips.

How Does Addressable Geo-Fencing Work?

  • You provide us with information about who you want to target—including geographic and demographic parameters. For example, we could target a group as specific as “Parents with children in East Baton Rouge Parish.”
  • We provide you with a specific count of homes and plots of land meeting those parameters. Then, we geo-fence those homes according to the publicly available property lines.
  • When individuals enter any of these geo-fenced homes, their mobile device is grouped into a marketing audience and they become eligible to be served your ads.
  • We can then track these customers on the web or in person. If they go to your site or visit your store, we’ll know that your advertising worked!

Why Choose AGF

  • Greater Control: You can choose exactly who you’re targeting: It’s particularly ideal for when you know your ideal customer well.
  • Plenty of Information: Based on the volume of data available about your ideal target, you can be assured of the accuracy of your customers being tracked
  • Specific, Home-Based Targeting: Instead of targeting people who might enter a geo-fence randomly on behalf of someone else, AGF targeting guarantees you’ll be right on the money with the behavior tracking.
  • Tracking: If you want to be able to measure retail store visits, then this is one of the best tactics to measure some sort of Return-on-Investment.

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