BIC Media Solutions, Gatorworks, New Website Representatives of BIC Media Solutions and Gatorworks celebrate the launch of BIC Media Solutions’ new, redesigned website. From left are Rose Gladner, Earl Heard and Heather Cavalier of BIC Media Solutions, and Brian Rodriguez, Lindsey Duga and Natasha Walker of Gatorworks.

BIC Media Solutions has launched the new, redesigned version of its website, The new website serves as a resource where visitors can learn more about BIC Media Solutions’ latest projects, including its books, films, TV showsand other inspirational, faith-friendly and educational content. Other key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design, and a more engaging user experience with enhanced navigation.

“We believe every great story needs telling, and we’re excited to continue to tell stories through our new website,” said Earl Heard, founder and CEO of BIC Alliance and BIC Media Solutions. “The whole idea of BIC Media Solutions is to help produce inspirational, entertaining and, in some cases, educational books, films and videos that tell great stories. This new website will take BIC Media Solutions to the next level and help extend the reach of all our projects.”

The New Website: BIC Media Solutions

The website features information about BIC Media Solutions’ latest project, titled “Rock Bottom & Back,” which will include a book and TV pilot. “Rock Bottom & Back” chronicles the experiences of 12 men and women who overcame seemingly insurmountable adversities to become successful in their business and personal lives. Having been to rock bottom and back himself, this project is extremely close to Heard’s heart. The people featured in “Rock Bottom & Back” went from desperation to inspiration, and it is being shopped to TV networks as a pilot for a potential series.

Another project recently released by BIC Media Solutions is “Energy Marketing 101.”

BIC Media Solutions partnered with Launch Media to produce “Energy Marketing 101,” a short video that talks about the connection among upstream, midstream and downstream energy sectors, and highlights the best conferences to attend and associations to join. “Energy Marketing 101” can be viewed in its entirety on the BMS TV segment of the website. Other videos on the BMS TV section will include topics such as networking, trade show tactics and getting along with the boss.

Since BIC Media Solutions was founded on the idea of telling great stories, the new website allows visitors to easily purchase any of BIC Media Solutions’ books. These titles include “It’s What We Do Together That Counts: The BIC Alliance Story,” “Earl’s Pearls: Jewels of Wisdom Worth Passing On,” “Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes: Leaving a Legacy,” “Michael Learns To Listen,” “Turner Industries: Fifty Years of Industrial Innovation,” “Industry Achievers” and “Energy Entrepreneurs.”

More information about “A Gift Horse,” BIC Media Solutions’ first film, is also highlighted on the website. BIC Media Solutions funded and co-produced “A Gift Horse,” which stars John Schneider. Copies of “A Gift Horse” can be purchased on the website. “A Gift Horse” is also available in Wal-Mart and LifeWay stores, and on DVD and Video On Demand services: Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Netflix, etc.

BIC Media Solutions teamed up with Brian Rodriguez and Gatorworks to redesign the website. The site’s refreshed and simplified look, combined with enhanced content, allows visitors to better interact with BIC Media Solutions online.

“The new has the latest information on our upcoming inspirational and faith-friendly projects, speaking engagements, media investment opportunities and more,” Heard said. “With our new website, new partnerships and new office in League City, Texas, BIC Media Solutions will be able to bring its in house production, filming and video services to others in business and industry.”

Currently featured on the website is Heard’s interview with Theresa Westbrook on her “Time with Theresa” TV show during the Christian Media Association’s Media Summit. The interview touches on the importance of faith, family, kindness toward others and leaving a legacy.

For more information about any of BIC Media Solutions’ projects and services, visit or call (800) 460-4242

This article is re-published from the Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 edition of BIC Magazine – page 143.