Gatorworks has once again had the privilege of working with an organization whose mission is to make a difference. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation’s goal is to connect people with resources, support new ideas, and build partnerships with the people of Louisiana.

As the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation site so eloquently puts it: “Real change for Louisiana comes when regular people make a commitment to improving the lives of their friends, families and neighbors. Through our grants and support, we empower everyday people to do extraordinary good.”

Launched in August 2016, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation’s new site is mobile responsive so that, just like its core audience, it can be on the go. No matter where a person is, or what device they’re using, they will be able to experience the full impact of the site.

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The new website design focuses on promoting the mission of the foundation as well as sharing information about team members, programs, educational information, and award recipients. The website design makes it easy to navigate and even allows users to easily contact the organization or interact with them through facebook or twitter.

Gatorworks invites you to explore this site and learn more about the Foundation and how it works to serve Louisianians.