Creative Office of Gatorworks

Creativity can mean many different things. Most people associate creativity with artists or writers. But creativity can apply to the business side of things as well. Gatorworks’ talented designers certainly express creativity every day. But our digital marketers and developers showcase creative strategy and problem-solving as well. With all the creative work going on in our agency, we wanted a space that was equally inspiring.

Moving On Up

Gatorworks has served Baton Rouge for more than 12 years. Earlier this year, we moved into the Myrtle Lake Plaza office complex on N. Harrells Ferry Road. The building and location were perfect, but a remodel was necessary. As a digital marketing and website design agency, the tight floorplan and dated decor didn’t fit. To make it happen, we partnered with fellow creative Baton Rouge businesses: O’Brien Hughes Architects and Construction and Tiek + Co. Interior Designers.

Keepin’ It Local

The decision to hire local was easy. Gatorworks President Brian Rodriguez says, “We wanted to showcase local talent. It was also great working with two up-and-coming firms. They listened to us, took our inspiration to heart, and ran with it.” Their work and collaboration exemplify Baton Rouge’s thriving creative community.

Creativity Inspires

Years ago, Rodriguez commissioned artist TJ Black to enliven Gatorworks’ previous locations. These pieces inspired the Tiek + Co. designers. They infused a pop-art style throughout the office. Highlights include an orange-accented kitchen and statement-making light fixtures. It especially influenced the bathroom’s Queen Elizabeth wallpaper. Wallpaper is a big topic for visitors. The walls in the production area (aka the Bullpen) are covered with a textile made of newspaper strips. A visual illusion accents the digital marketing space (the Coop)—the walls look like crumpled paper. Everyone touches it to make sure!

Long live the Queen! 

Local Agency, Local Art

In addition to the distinctive TJ Black pieces, all the other artwork is local as well. The other Baton Rouge artists in the space include Jacob Zumo, Scott Finch, and Alex Harvie. Muralist Marc Fresh was tapped to paint the conference room’s 450-pound barn-style sliding door. (Appropriately, that room is called The Barn.)

Favorite Features

Every employee and visitor has their favorite part of the office. For example, the Queen Elizabeth bathroom is VERY popular. For architect Hance Hughes, the building itself was a huge draw. “The views of the water and the breezeway make for a great employee and client experience,” he says. Rodriguez agrees and adds, “I love our kitchen! It’s more like a café, and it’s great to have a separate place to drink your coffee, hang out, or have an impromptu meeting.”  

Our Kitchen at Gatorworks

We are B.R.!

On being creative in Baton Rouge, Hughes says “Right now the city has a thirst for new and modern. There are exciting opportunities here, and people are responding well.” Designer Bridget Tiek agrees and stresses, “The talent is here. There’s no need to hire from New Orleans or Houston—whether to remodel a hotel or build a new website.” And these three Baton Rouge companies certainly prove that every day.

Digital Marketing Creatives

We have a total of 6,000 total square feet to grow into, which is great because we keep growing!  Do you have some digital marketing needs? Marketing, targeted display, Google Ads, or websites—we’re your team. Give us a call at 225-924-6109 or contact us online. Bonus: you’ll get a free tour of the office!

One of our offices at Gatorworks