Brian Rodriguez, GATORWORKS.NET founder, was featured on Fox & Friends in a debate on whether or not cursive writing is currently a useless skill. Rodriguez upholds that students should be taught how to type on a keyboard, before learning subjects such as cursive writing.

“Cursive writing is really a dying art form,” Rodriguez said to Fox News during the Fox & Friends debate. “It serves no real function in our business community that is surrounded by emails, text messages and social networks like Facebook.”

Todd Misura, former fourth-grade teacher, takes the counter argument to Louisiana’s Rodriguez, during this debate on Fox News.

“I think cursive is something that is useful to children in school,” said Misura to Fox News. “The day has not come in which every child, in every school, in every corner of this great country of ours has a computer to be able to access as they’re learning how to write.”

The debate remains ongoing on whether or not teaching penmanship in schools is a dying art form.

Reprinted from The Tiger Weekly on February 4, 2009