As a new year is underway, exciting new beginnings kick off. Our team is growing at its fastest rate yet (and we have another office expansion coming soon to grow even more)! Please welcome our newest PPC Specialist, Zach!

Gatorworks is pleased to welcome Zach Harrison.

Zach Harrison, PPC Specialist Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Google Ads

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Tell us about yourself: Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, but my family is from all over Louisiana. My maternal side of the family comes from the small town of Independence while my paternal side is from Watson.

What was the most attractive aspect of the Gatorworks’ culture?

It was definitely the fact that people genuinely looked happy while working. Seeing everyone enjoying their coworkers, as well as what they do, gave me the desire to become a part of the culture and team at Gatorworks.

Imagine that Area 51 was real and the government really had convinced us otherwise. What is your alien theory?

The government is controlled by the aliens, of course, and they have been on Earth longer than we can fathom. These aliens come up with different disguises to look like a politician and get elected to different roles within government, even down to a local level. This way they can cover it up and laugh at us thinking we don’t know, but we DO know…

Why digital marketing?

I took a marketing class in college, and I found it to be the most interesting class I had taken so far. After that, I asked myself what I wanted to do. I was always told I was a creative person. After talking to an advisor and looking at the curriculum, digital marketing looked like—and was—the right choice!

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

I’m fairly good at doing a handstand walk for someone who only did gymnastics when he was five years old. My personal best distance is 30 feet right now, but I haven’t really been practicing lately.

What aspect of PPC are you most excited to learn more about at Gatorworks?

I really look forward to learning more about Google Ads. I’ve used it in previous experiences, but not to its full capabilities. It’s such a powerful tool, and I feel like I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.

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