LSU graduate Cameron Foil has joined the team at Gatorworks to help clients identify and meet goals for driving growth and success. She brings a charismatic and enthusiastic quality to her client work, and she aims to exceed client expectations. Cameron utilizes organization and communication to develop the right solutions for her clients. Get to know more about our junior account manager!

How do you stay organized when juggling various client accounts?

Being organized is the key to being a good account manager. Everyone has an organizational process that works for them — having different note-taking documents/locations helps me to remain organized when juggling multiple client accounts. I use Evernote on my laptop to keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that I update frequently. However, I also have a Google Sheets doc that features clients and their projects that are currently being worked on. 

The document is color-coded according to the client and labeled by project, service, and due date. This document is used regularly throughout the week to help keep track of the projects being worked on. I constantly update this document at the end of the week to keep up with all other projects cultivated throughout the week that I may not have added yet. Along with these two main locations, I also use a daily calendar where I put my top three tasks that need to be completed that day. This is just an extra reminder for myself on the most important tasks I need to complete. 

What is one of your favorite activities outside of the office?

During COVID, I began running for the first time and getting into a good workout regimen. Growing up, I hated to run, especially outside. However, when COVID hit, I began to help homeschool the kids I was nannying at the time who loved to run. We would take recess breaks and go run throughout their neighborhood during that time. The kids were so supportive and encouraging while I ran with them. They constantly cheered me on when I struggled and helped push me to keep running when I wanted to quit. 

After the school year ended and I went on summer break, I continued running on my own. After about five months, I got an ankle injury and had to take a break from running. I decided to find an alternative to running while I healed and started going to the gym with my fiance. Although I had gone to the gym before, this was the first time I started weight lifting and building muscle. It wasn’t too long after I started seeing great results and was hooked. After my ankle was healed, I began implementing cardio days back into my gym schedule. After two years, I have continued this passion for working out and staying fit. 

What is your process for managing client expectations?

I strive to make my clients happy and provide them with what they are looking for. After a client sends a new request, I always let the client know that we will look into it to see what we can do. Once I speak with our team about what the client is looking for, we tend to spend two to three days researching ways we can accomplish what it is they want. 

If we find an easy, quick solution, I’ll typically email the client back with our plan and a projected timeline for it. However, if there isn’t a quick fix but we have a general idea of some different ways to accomplish what they are looking for, I set up a meeting to go through our options. We go through the different options and potential outcomes for the client to pick from during the meeting. 

There are very few instances when the first attempt on the project doesn’t pan out. However, when we seem to fall into some complications, we always communicate with the client what the status is and other possible ways we can go. Ultimately what makes the process of managing client expectations so successful is communication.  

What is your favorite music festival you’ve attended so far?

My absolute favorite music festival is Bonnaroo! Music has always been a huge part of my life, with my dad being a drummer. When I graduated high school, I decided to music fest hop for my senior trip and have my dad and high school friends tag along. One of the many festivals we attended that summer was Bonnaroo out in Tennessee. 

This was a festival like none I’ve ever experienced before and soon became my favorite music festival. When we finally arrived, we were greeted by thousands of other festival-goers filled with a joyous spirit and peace-filled attitude. The festival takes place on a huge farm where you can either camp out or commute to for the festival itself. 

We decided to camp out in our camper and tents to experience the entire ROO lifestyle. It was a four-day festival filled with music of all kinds, art from all over the world, great food, and out-of-this-world experiences. We made many friends, from our camping neighbors to those we stood with at the stages while waiting for an artist to come out. 

What truly makes this festival so unique is the grounds’ atmosphere. Everyone there wants happiness for all other festival-goers. There wasn’t a person we passed who didn’t throw up a hand looking for a “happy roo” high-five or stop to share a “plur” handshake. We have continued to go back to Bonnaroo every year since continuing to make more and more memories, becoming a true bonnaroovian. 

If you could be any Disney princess, who would you be?

If I could be any princess, I would be Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” I love her values and her love for seeing the inner beauty within the beast. She showed great courage by saving her dad, and I believe I would do the same for my family. I admire that she doesn’t care what others think of her and always strives to do what makes her happy despite what other people think. 

Her role as a Disney princess is meant to show that she isn’t perfect. And I believe that it is very important for women and young girls to remember this even today. She is an actual princess who holds beauty both inside and out.