We’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Cassi Fortner, our Business Development Executive. Cassi is all about driving growth and fostering client relationships, and she’s passionate about identifying opportunities, presenting solutions, and building trust for mutual success. With her roots in the Midwest, Cassi brings a strong foundation of values like honesty, integrity, and hard work to her role. These make her a great fit for Louisiana’s business culture, which values personal connections and community. When she’s not helping clients, Cassi has a green thumb, tending to her plant sanctuary, and dreams of hiking beautiful hikes around the world. Join us in welcoming Cassi to the Gatorworks team!

Tell us about your role as a business development executive.

My primary role is to drive growth and foster client relationships. My focus is to identify and pursue new business opportunities. Some of my key responsibilities include lead generation, client consultation, presenting solutions, negotiation and closing, and client relationship management. In my time at Gatorworks, I have enjoyed learning about new businesses, helping to identify their needs, and uncovering solutions that Gatorworks can provide. I believe my role as a Business Development Executive is not just about sales, but about building relationships based on trust, and mutual success. I am excited to continue to contribute to the growth and success of our clients and our agency.

What do you feel is one of the most rewarding parts of your job?

I have many rewarding parts of my job and I am very lucky to be working for a company like Gatorworks. I believe that one of the most rewarding parts of my job would be the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of clients and Gatorworks. Another one of the most rewarding parts of my job is to be able to be a champion for our company and to represent a team of very successful people. When I am talking to potential clients it is easy to talk highly about the services we provide at Gatorworks, considering the multitude of success we have had with many clients because of the successful people on our team. 

How does your midwestern upbringing affect your approach to fostering client relationships in Louisiana?

I believe my midwestern upbringing affects my approach to fostering client relationships in many different ways. Growing up in the midwest, I was instilled with values like honesty, integrity, hard work, and genuine care for people. These values have become an integral part of my professional philosophy, and I believe they resonate well with the business culture in Louisiana. Both Louisiana and the midwest place great emphasis on personal connections and a strong sense of community. Overall, my midwest upbringing has provided me with a strong foundation for fostering client relationships and I am excited to keep building onto that foundation.

We heard you have a bit of a green thumb. Tell us about your plant sanctuary! Do you have a favorite plant?

My plant sanctuary started out with an aloe vera plant and a snake plant, and now I have 13 plants all together. It is very hard to answer which plant is my favorite. But if I had to choose it would be my air plant. It is such a cool little plant that does not require soil! It is very strange to me and I still don’t understand how it grows, but it is growing and thriving everyday.

Being the enthusiastic person you are, how do you maintain your positivity when faced with challenges?

Being in sales, it is important to maintain a positive outlook for both personal well-being and professional success. I maintain my positivity by being resilient and optimistic when challenges occur. I also believe that my enthusiasm for what I do is a source of motivation to keep me going. Having a healthy work-life balance is also beneficial for recharging and approaching new challenges with a fresh perspective.

As an avid hiker, what is your dream hiking spot?

My dream hiking spot would be the Inca Trail in Peru to see Machu Picchu, one of the most famous archeological sites in the world.