It’s hard to believe that 2021 is more than halfway finished, but business at Gatorworks isn’t slowing down. To keep up with our growing clientele and content output, we knew that another experienced content marketer was a must. We are excited to welcome our newest Content Strategist, Allison Whittenburg!

Meet Allison Whittenburg.What gets you into the writing “zone?”

I like to remove outside distractions so that I can fully focus on my writing. I will put my phone away, get set up with some water or tea, and put on my headphones. My go-to writing playlist is Productive Morning on Spotify. It’s the perfect background music, and the title alone is an inspiration for the day.

If you could visit one Disney park for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

It would be Epcot, hands down! The Flower and Garden Festival is the best time to go, in my opinion. The rides may not be as exciting as the other Disney parks, but the World Showcase is worth the experience. If they could incorporate the Haunted Mansion ride into Epcot, though, it would be perfect.

Any tips and tricks you could give our blog readers on writing blogs?

Know your client, and know their audience. This is how you can best craft the voice for your blog. The tone and word choice for a retail boutique is not going to be the same way of addressing a medical audience, for example. Pay attention to when your content is more structured and when it can be more playful. As often as possible, try to put yourself in the end users’ shoes. Make sure to focus on the readers’ needs and provide them with solutions.

What was your favorite band in high school?

My music taste has always been across the board—except for country music. I’ve never been a fan. In high school, my favorite band would have been tied between My Chemical Romance and Sigur Rós (which is still one of my top favorites today).

What is one fact about yourself that you are most proud of?

I’ve been told that I’ve “never met a stranger,” and that’s a character trait that is dear to me. I can talk to anyone, or I will at least put out my best effort to do so. No one should ever feel alone in a social circle, so I have made building bridges my specialty.

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