Meet the newest member of our team, Audrey Shields! We couldn’t be more excited to have Audrey join the Gatorworks team as a senior account manager. With an impressive background spanning over 14 years in various roles like field sales, fundraising, customer service, and vendor management, Audrey brings a vibrant energy and a wealth of expertise to the table. Audrey’s passion for unlocking our clients’ digital potential is contagious, and her dedication to their success is unmatched. Welcome, Audrey!

What inspired you to pursue a career in account management?

From early in my career, I developed a passion for building relationships and being a part of clients’ success. The opportunity to collaborate with clients, working closely to understand their needs, goals, and challenges have always resonated with me. I enjoy the process of developing mutual success between multiple businesses and building long-term relationships in the process.

We heard you love to celebrate life’s moments! How do you keep yourself motivated and maintain a positive attitude when dealing with challenging situations?

I believe that we do not celebrate enough of life’s moments. Celebrating doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. I believe in celebrating some of the smallest moments, like getting out of bed, your favorite meal, a phone call to or from a friend, and even allowing yourself to just sit and relax. 

Staying motivated in life’s difficult moments has taken practice, but I have found that breaking challenges down into smaller obstacles helps to tackle them with progress. Surrounding yourself with things, activities, and people that you love adds confetti to your life that you may not even notice. Sometimes it isn’t always about a positive mindset, it is about how you practice and allow yourself to move forward.

If you could have a celebrity as one of your clients, who would it be and why?

Anna Kendrick, hands down. Her energetic personality, positivity, and cheerful attitude exude the type of brightness that I aspire to have every day. She is relatable, witty, and talented in many facets. She has also kept an authentic positive image throughout her career that is capable of building trust and credibility with almost any audience. 

Rumor has it that you love tiny houses. Tell us more! 

I discovered my love of tiny houses when I lived up North on the East Coast. My love of tiny houses is rooted in the fact that they are compact, quaint, and cozy. I am fascinated about how many different layouts and styles that people create within such a tiny amount of space! The options are endless! I have stayed in 10 tiny houses so far and plan to find many more!

Tell us about your dog!

We ultimately don’t deserve dogs, but I feel so fortunate to have Sadie. She is a 75lb white lab mix who was rescued about 4 years ago. Sadie loves friends and is a bundle of happiness that brings me daily infectious joy. Playing fetch is her favorite activity, and she has the energy that I strive to have.