Gatorworks is thrilled to welcome back Harrison Seagle as our newest digital strategist. Harrison has a proven track record of crafting digital marketing strategies for a diverse portfolio of clients. He brings his wealth of experience and an empathetic approach that understands consumer behavior. Join us as we learn more about our returning digital strategist!

What inspired you to pursue a career in marketing strategy?

Paying rent. It was just something that was really fun and interesting to me. I like approaching things from a problem-solving standpoint and figuring out how to best achieve goals.

How has your perspective helped you excel in your position?

I think my position really benefits from being flexible and being comfortable trying new things – which are things I enjoy. 

Describe a perfect day in the life of Harrison Seagle!

I’m pretty laid back. So, for me, I like when the weather is nice, and I can get out and enjoy the day with my dog Murphy, usually by grabbing a beer at a brewery or putting up my hammock in the park and listening to music.  

If you could give advice to anyone entering your field, what would you tell them?

Make mistakes and learn from them. It’s the best way to get better and advance. 

We’ve heard you have an adorable Goldendoodle. Tell us everything!

His name is Murphy, and he is my entire world. He’s a big ole goofy boy that loves everyone. He’s a dangerous combination of smart and clumsy, so he gets himself into trouble sometimes in the best way. 

As a collector of vinyl, what is your favorite find so far, and what album is your dream addition for your collection? 

One of my favorites is a second pressing of Glow On by Turnstile. It’s a variant I really wanted but was very hard to get my hands on for a decent price. My dream addition is a first pressing of Somewhere Nowhere by Hundredth.

What team are you rooting for in the English Premier League?