Introducing our new Social Media Specialist, Jason Frankhouser! With a background that spans various roles, from copywriting to video production, Jason is a creative and adaptable professional. He excels at keeping marketing fresh in the ever-changing world of social media and helping clients curate their social media presence to make them stand out in their industry. Whether it’s finding the right voice for a client or pursuing his passion for archery, Jason’s dynamic approach and dedication energizes our team. Join us in welcoming Jason as he offers advice for aspiring social media professionals, reveals his dream client, and shares his podcast recommendations.

How do you keep your marketing fresh in the ever-changing world of social media?

I will look at a trend and try to think of specific clients I could adapt it for. There’s always new ideas popping up and waves you could ride, but finding one with that can actually benefit the client is the challenge. 

Do you have any advice for people looking to pursue careers in social media?

Get as much work experience as possible. Internships or freelance work are great ways to build up your portfolio and show potential employers what you know. 

How do you find the right voice when working with a new client?

I like to read and research as much about the company as I possibly can. While doing this, I am constantly asking myself questions such as: “Who are their current and potential customers? What are their goals as a company?  What is their unique value proposition?” That information is valuable to ensure the audience is getting the content they want in the voice and tone they want to hear it in. 

Who is your dream social media client?

I’d have to say a comic book publisher. I am obsessed with comic books, and I think it would be fun to work with that type of client. There certainly would be alot of fun assets to work with! 

Rumor has it that you love to listen to podcasts. Do you have podcast recommendations for us?

I love Robservations with Rob Liefeld. Its about the history of the comic book industry, and his perspective as an artist and publisher is unique and very informative.

We hear that you shoot archery. Tell us more!

Archery was something that I had always been interested in trying. Shortly after graduating college, I decided to sign up for lessons, and the rest is history. It has been a great way for me to get outside and have some fun.