Reprinted from – Archbishop Rummel High School, Metairie, LA

The new website for Archbishop Rummel made its official debut on Thursday after much effort from several key persons, particularly Brian Rodriguez, ’02, and senior Adam Landreneau, ’11.  When the idea was first realized  for updating the school’s website, Advancement Director Cory Howat and Communications Director Joseph Serio solicited the assistance of web design expert and alumnus Rodriguez, who is president of Gatorworks Web Design (www.)  in Baton Rouge and the son of faculty members Mr. David and Ms. Carol Rodriguez. He worked on the design and major aspects of the site with input from several school contributors.  When the site was ready for the school’s server, senior Landreneau took over the site and worked out the transfer details.  The new website is far from finished, as it’s a “work in progress” and numerous updates are already scheduled for future weeks.

Feel free to read the article on Rummel’s website here.