Our team of graphic designers is growing! Give a warm welcome to Sarah Alexander. Sarah brings a passion for graphic design and visual communication to our team. By keeping a keen eye for detail and staying on top of the latest trends in design, Sarah delivers creative and engaging solutions to our clients. Here are a few fun facts you can learn about Sarah.

When did you discover your passion for graphic design?

Going into college, I had a very clear idea of wanting a creative career, having been a lifelong artist. But at the time I thought I would go into animation and then combine it with digital media and engineering as a minor to work on video game design. Part of the animation curriculum required students to take some graphic design classes, and it only took a few assignments for me to realize I enjoyed design far more. I quickly switched majors and never looked back.

How do you break through creative blocks when working with so many different clients?

After years of mind mapping and sketching for long periods of time, I realized the best way to break through a creative block is by consuming as much design content as possible. I basically overwhelm myself with possibilities and then pull from multiple separate ideas to create something unique and tailored for the client.

Which designers inspire you the most?

As far as graphic design goes, it all depends on the style I am most attracted to at the time. I love modern designers/illustrators like Elliot Ulm, Jessica Walsh, and Loish, but I also adore more traditional designers like Saul Bass, Stefan Sagmeister, and Paula Scher.

What are your current favorite podcasts?

This is such a hard question for me because I am a huge podcast fan so this list could very well be endless, but here’s the best of the best. For random knowledge, Stuff You Should Know is somehow entertaining even when discussing grass. 

For pop-culture/comedy, Violating Community Guidelines is definitely guilty for making me laugh out loud at work. For financial advice/news/comedy, the Trillionaire Mindset is a comedic presentation of stocks and crypto. For true crime, My Favorite Murder covers the stories while also having relatable hosts. 

Favorite clothing brand?

I have thrifted probably about 80% of my closet, so most of the brands are either random, no longer exist, or I just happen to like a one-off piece from them. That being said, I dream of dresses by Teuta Matoshi or Versace and would only wear the streetwear line, Teddy Fresh, 24/7 if I could.