Alexander is a detail-oriented and passionate gentleman hungry for responsibility. His devotion to doing any job and doing it well makes him the perfect pinch hitter at Gatorworks to create waves in the world of programmatic marketing.

Certified in Google Analytics, trained by HubSpot, and well-versed in targeted display, Alex ensures ads go in front of the eyes of those most benefitting our clients. His longtime interest in the trends of the digital era places him at the forefront of the rising technology field. He has expanded his knowledge base to include Spotify Ads, Programmatic Audio, Digital Out Of Home, Streaming TV/OTT Ads, and others. He’s eager to provide solutions to clients that are effective, above-board, and most importantly—creative.

A graduate of Miami University (the one in Ohio, not the one in a tropical paradise), he spends his free tinkering with technology, learning to draw and paint, and enhancing his cooking skills (Louisiana is a great place for good food).