Audrey is a passionate and results-driven account manager with extensive experience building client relationships and celebrating life’s moments.

Audrey Shields is a dedicated and accomplished account manager who leverages her extensive experience to build and nurture strong relationships that drive business growth. With over 14 years in diverse roles, including field sales, fundraising, customer service, and vendor management, Audrey excels at helping clients unlock their full digital potential. She believes a client’s success is a professional accomplishment as well as a personal and team triumph. 

Audrey embraces life’s small joys and believes in celebrating every moment. She brings confetti and enthusiasm to occasions, from work milestones to personal achievements. Audrey finds joy in the company of her 75lb dog, Sadie. Together, they enjoy the outdoors, travel, and draw inspiration from the world of tiny houses. With her dedication to personal connections and vibrant approach to life, Audrey greets each day with a smile–confetti in hand!