With an eye for detail, unwavering drive, and deep enthusiasm, Jason empowers clients to shape a social media presence that both reflects their values and drives results.

Jason Frankhouser joins the Gatorworks team as our social media Specialist at GatorWorks. Armed with a Marketing degree from LSU, Jason’s enthusiasm for crafting engaging social media strategies shines through. With a focus on client identity, he combines his copywriting and video production skills, polished during internships and projects, to create inventive campaigns. By taking the time to truly understand each client, Jason ensures he accurately pinpoints their social marketing needs. His knack for empathizing with clients and dedication to understanding their uniqueness sets the stage for building and perfecting their online presence.

As a Baton Rouge native, Jason finds joy in the simple things in life. You’ll often catch him working out, enjoying nature through hikes, and cherishing moments with his nieces. His downtime is filled with listening to podcasts while constructing Lego sets and perfecting archery skills to keep his focus sharp. He’s a comic book enthusiast, favoring the works of DC, but he still enjoys Marvel and Image. Jason’s professional and personal experiences have curated a varied and valuable skillset. These skills allow him to step into clients’ shoes, understand their needs, and create an authentic social media presence that resonates with their aspirations.