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October 19, 2018

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August 1, 2018

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Joe Cancienne SEO & Front End Developer

Joe Cancienne

SEO & Front End Developer

After finishing college with a degree in English, Joe turned to web design and was entirely self-taught in both HTML and CSS before being hired on at Gatorworks.

Joe started as a Front-End Developer at Gatorworks, learning quickly to incorporate elements into his websites that are not traditionally seen online. Joe is always looking for ways to improve the website design and development process, improve the search engine friendliness of the code-base, and find a way to make smarter, faster, more intuitive websites.

Because of his skills in both front-end development and SEO, Joe provides great insight for our client projects at our digital agency. Additionally, Joe is always brainstorming solutions to his clients’ problems and lending creative ideas with a unique spin and sunny perspective.