Gatorworks is constantly growing and bringing on clients, and this called for another skilled account manager to join our team. Kalli Roberts brings a kind and dedicated spirit to her role! Not only does she help meet clients’ needs with a warm and positive attitude, but she uses her eye for detail to make sure that they receive the highest-quality service possible. Here are a few facts you can learn about Kalli.

What would you say is the most rewarding or exciting part of working in account management?

The most rewarding part of account management is getting to see all of the team’s hard work lead to actual results for your client. Sometimes in digital marketing, it is hard to sell to a client because the end product is not always a tangible item. Having our team’s hard work provide real leads for our clients is a very exciting thing for us. 

Tell us about your dogs! 

If you have seen “The Secret Life of Pets,” my dogs, Max and Bubba, are very similar to Max and Duke in the movie. Max is a 13-year-old Yorkiepoo, and Bubba is a 3-year-old Labradoodle mix. I adopted Max when he was 10 years old, and I honestly don’t remember my life before him. He is so chill and loves his mom more than anything, except food, that boy loves food. He was the star of the show until his baby brother Bubba came along. 

Bubba is technically my husband’s dog, and I am still working on getting him to like me more. Some would consider Bubba to be the cutest dog in the world, and those people are right. He is a big fluff ball full of energy, and there is nothing he loves more than hanging his head out the car window. These two pups have brought so much joy into my life, and I think everyone should have a dog to feel the joy that they bring. 

What skills do you believe are essential for a role in account management?

To be an account manager I believe that it is essential to have good time management skills. Account managers operate as the control board for the company, so having good time-management skills is crucial when delegating time to different projects. It is also very important to be organized as an account manager. You are constantly juggling multiple projects at a time, so having an organized system is very important. 

Of all the places you’ve traveled, which has been your favorite?

The summer before I graduated from college, my friends and I planned a 16-day trip around Europe, and one of our stops was Prague. To this day I am telling the stories about our time there. We walked from our Airbnb to the Town Square, and they had the weekend farmers’ market going on. Something about shopping for fresh fruit while being surrounded by old colorful buildings and Gothic churches was the highlight of my trip. 

The next day we walked around Riegrovy sady park and then stopped at the beer garden in the park for lunch. The world cup was on and the beer was 45 koruna, which is equivalent to $2 in America. The nightlife in Prague was also the best. I could go on and on, but if you are ever planning a trip to Europe, consider Prague as a destination. 

If you could be on any cooking show, what would it be?

I am not sure if I would be the best contestant on any cooking show due to my sprinkle of anxiety, but I think I would be a fabulous judge. The cooking shows I would like to judge would probably be Chopped or one of the many spin-offs. Getting to see a chef create something with random items in a basket is so inspiring to see. Chopped Junior is hands down the best spin-off because it is children competing and their talents are very impressive for their young age.