With partner work dating back a decade, Associated Grocers returned to Gatorworks for a website and SEO refresh.

The Project

Associated Grocers is a respected brand known throughout the Greater Baton Rouge area. Its business model is unique and exists to serve its partner community of grocery stores. Gatorworks has had the privilege of being a website and hosting partner for many years, so when they approached us with the possibility of a redesign of their corporate flagship website, we were well acquainted with their brand, goals, and values.

Committing to Core Values

As a company built from other businesses, AG has dedicated their mission to SERVICE, which happens to cleverly be an acronym for their core values: service, enthusiasm, results, vigor, integrity, commitment, and effort. When we sat down with the marketing leaders at AG, they made sure to communicate the importance of showcasing these values. Our creative team took this as an opportunity to match content and design with interactivity. Using each letter, we created a rotating slider to feature each value with an explanation of what it means to AG and how they exemplify it daily.

Recruitment as a Goal

One of the website’s goals was to attract talent. With this in mind, we created dynamic pages featuring content such as testimonials, employees’ tenure and stories, benefits, work-life balance, and other compelling factors. Each section was uniquely designed for its content, with the purpose of attracting attention and keeping it. Beyond its design and user experience, we created a site structure and navigation to satisfy and support SEO requirements and ongoing efforts, respectively. Creating pages for truck drivers and warehouse workers will help AG rank for these keywords while hopefully, future team members are job hunting.

Website Hosting & Website Maintenance

Gatorworks has long worked with AG as a hosting and development partner. For years, AG has relied on our technical expertise to better service their community partners. Recently, our relationship has expanded to local and technical SEO consulting.

AG Locator

Possibly the most interactive and technical feature of the site, our development team worked with AG’s own developers to connect their live store feed to our website as an interactive map. Beyond simple store data like name and address, this full import highlighted store hours, phone numbers, and allowed the list feed to be used on sales landing pages for stores running certain promotions. The marketing team at AG found this extremely useful and helped further solidify our ongoing partnership.

Project Summary

Working closely with AG’s stellar marketing team, Gatorworks designed and developed a new corporate website dedicated to core values, recruitment, and a seamless user experience for the brand and its store partners.