Bayou Rum is a distinct Louisiana brand with all the refined taste and sophistication of a classic liquor.

The Project

Compared to competitors in the rum industry, Bayou Rum is fairly young. Having launched in 2013, Bayou Rum has grown steadily in the past five years, throughout the South as well as nationally, and is now recognized world-wide. As it added more types of rum to its product line—and heightened press drove more traffic to the site—the need to expand digitally grew as well. It was time for a well-deserved upgrade.

Looping Video Integration

With so much gorgeous footage of the distillery and the rum-making process, the site had to take advantage of these clips. Gatorworks first optimized the site to run efficiently while supporting looping video. Then, we strategically placed clips in sections of the site requiring the most user interaction, such as the homepage and the distillery page.

Distillery Page

Nestled in the sugarcane fields of Lacassine, Louisiana, the Bayou Rum distillery is a sight to behold. It was important to create its own page and layout to show it off. We made sure to include callouts for important information such as hours, location, directions, awards, and tour operator information.

Product Locator

On the website, finding the product in-stores was a must-have for Bayou Rum’s avid fans, especially within the U.S. Bayou Rum’s third-party software keeps track of their distribution in all stores and bars. Utilizing this, we created a product locator displaying their database information on the website via a Google Map API and a grid-layout of the pages. Users can filter based on location, type of rum, and business type.

Project Summary

Bayou Rum’s “Spirit of Louisiana” brand inspired a website portraying its rich culture, luxurious taste, and refined style for all users.