With so much important information to share with the community, BCBS Louisiana Foundation needed a comprehensive website employees could easily maintain and update.

The Project

Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana Foundation’s mission is to promote wellness for Louisiana residents by offering support to health-and education-related causes. To support this mission, a web presence is critical to communicate grant details and volunteer opportunities to the community. With this in mind, Gatorworks designed and developed a website showcasing the site’s main pillars of grants, awards, and volunteers, as well as ongoing news and blog posts.

Key Features

BCBS Foundation has a robust database of content—including 16 years of Angel Award recipients and blog posts detailing program success stories—press and media attention and more. Building an organized and easy-to-update content management system (CMS) was a main priority for Gatorworks.

Ordered Page Parts

Without having to learn HTML code, the BCBS Foundation team can easily move and order entire sections of content (including maps, statistical data, forms, and pictures) on the new site. By building editing blocks within the CMS, Gatorworks gave the client freedom and flexibility to manage the pages.

Angel Award Database

In addition to ensuring the user-facing portion of the Angel Award database was organized and easily digestible, Gatorworks created a back-end custom post type. Using this sophisticated filing system, BCBS Foundation can keep a fully detailed record of all past Angel Award recipients.

News Posts Filtering Capabilities

The website allows users to choose between two different types of news—blogs and press. The option to filter by date, program, or region enables users to find the desired content without having to scroll through content irrelevant to their location or interest.

Project Summary

With a highly intuitive and sophisticated backend, BCBS Louisiana Foundation’s new site is easily updated with all the latest news and important information needed for grants, award programs, and volunteer opportunities.