Brown & Root is driven by a mission to deliver unparalleled industrial services of the highest quality, ensuring exceptional outcomes for their valued customers, employees, and stakeholders. Collaborating with Gatorworks, they made a strategic decision to center the design around their dedicated workforce, infusing the website with personality and highlighting the human aspect of their operations. By putting their employees at the forefront, Brown & Root aims to showcase the passion, expertise, and commitment of their team, reinforcing their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service.

The Project

In collaboration with Gatorworks, Brown & Root joined forces to transform their vision of a more personable website into reality. Our partnership involved not only creating a modern and user-friendly website, but also providing valuable art direction for the tone and visual elements of new videos and photography. By seamlessly integrating design, responsiveness, and captivating multimedia, we successfully brought Brown & Root’s enhanced online experience to life, ensuring a more engaging and relatable connection with their audience.

Getting Back to Our Roots

Right from the beginning, Brown & Root emphasized their preference for authentic photography and video featuring their actual workers, rather than relying on stock imagery. This commitment to humanizing the company served as the guiding principle for the entire shoot. Accompanied by skilled photographers, we ventured into the field, capturing genuine moments of their team members in their natural environment. The footage showcases close-up shots of smiling faces interwoven with scenes of diligent work, all expertly illuminated and composed to create a visually captivating portrayal of their workforce.

Building the Future

It was important for Gatorworks to tell the story of Brown & Root through the aesthetics of the website. Forged from the past, Brown & Root wanted to modernize and simplify their web presence. Utilizing new media, rewritten content, and sleek animations, Gatorworks successfully crafted a stunning and user-friendly website that surpassed our client’s expectations, leaving them thoroughly impressed and enamored.

Video and Photography

With a focus on simplicity for the website design, our goal was to let the photography and video take center stage. The user experience was built around friendly faces and captivating action shots, creating an engaging visual journey for visitors.


Gatorworks aimed to provide users with a satisfying visual experience on the website, incorporating ample visual feedback. We implemented slick animations on buttons and overlays to ensure users were aware of their interactions with the site, adding an element of responsiveness and enhancing user engagement.

Historical Timeline

In order to highlight their rich history, we developed an engaging interactive timeline that chronicles the journey of Brown & Root across the decades. This feature allows visitors to explore and experience the company’s evolution over time, providing a captivating narrative that showcases their significant milestones and achievements.

Project Summary

Brown & Root partnered with Gatorworks to create a more personable, industrial website design that authentically showcased their workers through photography and video. The result was a visually captivating portrayal of the company’s workforce, emphasizing genuine moments and diligent work. Gatorworks successfully modernized and simplified the web presence of Brown & Root, incorporating sleek animations and an interactive timeline that tells the story of the company’s rich history, engaging visitors and leaving a lasting impression.