As a university-affiliated research park featuring top-rated business incubators, bwtech@UMBC facilitates the advancement of companies at all stages of development.

The Website

One of the premier research parks in the United States, bwtech@UMBC wanted a website that better reflected the quality of its facilities and programs. The client approached Gatorworks for a new site with modern features, greater search engine optimization capabilities, and content that could connect with a range of different audiences.

Sitewide Content Overhaul & SEO Optimization

When bwtech@UMBC initially approached Gatorworks, it sought a website that could showcase the value of the research park to a diverse range of audiences, from leading technology and biology researchers to established CEOs and budding entrepreneurs. To achieve this, Gatorworks crafted content that described the purpose and advantages of bwtech@UMBC while also distilling the information in a way that made it more accessible. This included writing several pages of all-new content for bwtech@UMBC’s website as well as updating and adding to existing content.

The research park also features state-of-the-art Biotech, Cyber, and Govtech incubators to accommodate businesses of all sizes. To effectively communicate the benefits of choosing bwtech@UMBC, new search-engine-optimized content was created for each of these pages. The new pages provided in-depth information about the benefits of each available incubator in an easy-to-understand format. Program pages were also added with helpful information for potential clients as well as new secondary navigation that included members and blog sections.

Improved User Experience

In addition to creating content, Gatorworks also designed a new site that would be more engaging and informative for users. Our team created an intuitive site map that users could easily navigate to find the information they were searching for. Next, we created a filterable archive of members for convenient navigation. Individual incubator pages were also added, featuring anchor tags and a sidebar where users can easily jump between content sections. The site’s homepage was redesigned and expanded with integrated video functionality, a mission statement, new sections for bwtech@UMBC’s incubators, and a section for promoting upcoming events.

Project Summary

Gatorworks created a completely customized website focused on increasing the client’s ability to rank in search results while also improving the user’s experience. New additions such as archive filters, anchor tags, and intuitively designed sidebars made the site more easily navigable and accessible to visitors. Additionally, Gatorworks crafted site content for visitors who might not be familiar with research parks or the advantages that bwtech@UMBC’s facilities and programs provide. With its elegantly designed, mindfully developed new site, bwtech@UMBC is now in a position to stand out from the competition in the digital space.