As an engineering firm priding itself on meticulous planning and award-winning civil design, GEC Inc. needed a website company that places the same emphasis on processes and planning.

The Project

Careful thought and consideration went into each layout of GEC’s new site. Their nine areas of expertise that each include a range of services and different projects—sometimes spanning across industries. We had to plan the site interconnecting all of these parts of the site to create a user-friendly website as well as an impressive portfolio for future clients.

Interconnected Expertise, Services, and Projects

A large, successful civil engineering firm such as GEC works within a wide variety of industries. Often, those engineering services overlap between industries. We needed to create a hierarchy in which those services pages would not need to be duplicated across the industries. We worked with GEC to create a thorough sitemap for each area of expertise and its associated services. Then, we tied their projects archive to incorporate the project’s industry as well as the different services it used. Within these three sections of the site, the user can jump seamlessly between industry, projects, and services.

Interactive Award Timeline

Since its founding, GEC has won many awards for its high level of excellent service. To show off these awards, we created an interactive timeline. Users can click through the years to see the various awards without taking up too much space or text, while still being visual and informative.

“Gatorworks is an incredible web design company full of innovative and creative design professionals. G.E.C. Inc.’s new website perfectly showcases all of our firm’s capabilities. We highly recommend using Gatorworks for all digital disciplines. The staff is motivated and knowledgeable and we thoroughly enjoy working with them. Thank you all!“

– Mary Carmouche, GEC

Project Summary

In taking three very important sections of the site and connecting them in a logical, relatable way, Gatorworks planned and executed a website worthy of one of the Gulf’s best civil engineering firms to date.