Gov’t Taco’s fun and welcoming dining experience needed a website and social media presence reflective of its one-of-a-kind spirit.

The Project

Gov’t Taco approached us to showcase their creative, eclectic brand without losing focus on its passion—serving amazing tacos in Baton Rouge. The unique energy of this Baton Rouge restaurant acted as a muse for the Gatorworks team to go above and beyond. Using social media marketing, graphic design, website development, and more, we have helped Gov’t Taco become the go-to for the Baton Rouge taco lover.

Website Design

Our website designers found an endless source of inspiration throughout this project because of Gov’t Taco’s bold aesthetic. For example, one of the first aesthetic choices you notice on the site is the variety of fun government-themed hover effects. Our designers were careful to balance branding with easy user functionality. On the desktop or mobile version of the site, visitors can easily browse the menu and enjoy Gov’t Taco’s uniquely creative style. By balancing the boldness of the brand with an organized and clean website layout, we avoided overwhelming website visitors while staying true to their distinctive look.

Social Media Marketing

The client wanted a social media presence that customers would enjoy and look forward to interacting with. Gatorworks provides Gov’t Taco with the social media presence they need to connect with their existing customers and grab the attention of potential customers. We’ve done this through strategic posting, curating a clean yet unique feed, and organizing influencer events. Gov’t Taco’s schedule of social media posts includes taco and drink of the month campaigns, daily specials like happy hour, and catering options. We share this information through a careful balance of images and videos. On Instagram, we have helped expand Gov’t Taco’s community impact with the help of designed Instagram Reels. Our strategy has successfully grown their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter audiences.

Email Marketing

Gov’t Taco relies on the email marketing provided by Gatorworks to keep its customer relationship strong. The monthly email updates subscribed customers about specials and offers as they are happening. In order for Gov’t Taco’s monthly email to stand out in their customer’s inboxes, our design team creates branded graphics showcasing new menu items like the taco and drink of the month.

Project Summary

Using the restaurant’s one-of-a-kind branding as a starting point, Gatorworks helped Gov’t Taco reach new customers as a Baton Rouge favorite with a sleek and intuitive new website and a social media strategy that delivers real results.