A trusted, local bank with a dedicated customer base grown from more than 70 years of excellent service and experience needed a more powerful and comprehensive digital experience for users.

The Project

From the beginning, it was important to not underestimate the size and scope of a banking website. A variety of factors had to be considered during design and development.  We had to be strategic in content placement and organization, the implementation of third party API’s, the overall security of the site, and the additional level of ADA compliance. Through careful consideration of these necessary requirements, Metairie Bank received a responsive, user-friendly, highly interactive, and dynamic design.

Mega Menu Navigation

After finalizing the site map and the site’s overall content structure, it became apparent a mega menu was needed. The development of this multiple-layered feature enables Metairie Bank to better communicate with its many different audiences.

  • Personal vs. Business
  • Banking vs. Loans
  • Investments vs. Insurance

Third Party API Integration

A banking website utilizes many different third party softwares. We integrated current platforms, as well as proposed new ones for the site.

  • Online Banking Login Portal
  • Online Chat
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Financial Calculators
  • Mortgage Application

Multiple Locations

Metairie Bank has several locations throughout Greater New Orleans. To present all the branches’ information, we specifically created a page showcasing the various locations with the ability to click on the branch for more details, such as its map, branch managers, hours, and phone number.

Interactive Path

Metairie Bank offers quite a few different checking accounts. To help users determine which is the best for them, we created an interactive pathway asking simple yes-or-no questions. Their answers guide users to the optimal checking account that fits their needs and preferences.

ADA Compliance

In recent months, the need for ADA compliance in public-serving entities—banks, schools, and government organizations—has skyrocketed. While the government has not produced any official standards to follow, it is now critical, and in good faith, to ensure that a website is ADA compliant. An audit utilizing several online tools ensured that Metairie Bank’s new website is completely usable for those with disabilities.

Project Summary

Through intricate planning, careful organization, and strategic design and implementation, Metairie Bank’s website now satisfies their customers’ digital banking needs.