A funeral home company needed a beautiful website to showcase one particular service. Their agents also needed a secure portal to enroll, login, and complete complicated forms for their clients.

The Project

Return Assured is a division of Preneed Funeral Programs offering a very unique service: if you pass away while traveling, they will return your body to your loved ones. With such a niche service, they partner with many funeral homes across the country. They provide their partners’ agents with materials and an online resource (this new website) to help manage their enrolled customers.

Our task was to create a website that not only acted as a sales piece for agents to show their clients, but also an intricate user portal. It needed to allow agents to enroll in the program, set up billing, and manage their client materials and order forms. Even with all this heavy custom development work, we didn’t shirk on the speciality of the website design as a whole.

Sleek Movement

Return Assured’s service is based on travel, so we wanted to somehow depict that in the site’s design. Our designers used beautiful imagery of far-off places as well as interesting loading and scrolling effects to indicate traveling across a map. We wanted to engage and delight the user while reading about the program’s benefits.

Enrollment System 

Return Assured’s process was previously done manually by mailing and faxing forms. To modernize their services, Gatorworks moved their entire enrollment process online. Agents can now fill out forms and add billing information directly into their secure portal. We worked closely with the client to ensure their customized system could communicate with their agent database. 

Agent Login

Once enrolled, the agent can log into their portal, update their personal information, as well as add new clients and order sales materials.

Project Summary

With just one all-encompassing new website, Gatorworks transformed how Return Assured sold their services and enrolled their agents. They now work with a fully digitalized, secure process.