St. Elizabeth Foundation

Since its founding, St. Elizabeth Foundation has placed more than 600 babies. And with a brand new website and a solid digital marketing strategy focused on birth mothers, they hope to place many, many more to come.

The Website

As the best source of information on their services, the website of St. Elizabeth Foundation needed to be easy-to-use and welcoming to their target audience. Gatorworks designed and built a website that not only fit their needs, but helped to grow their non-profit by providing pathways for lead generation.

Launch the Site

Key Features

Meet Adopting Families Page

This page is one of the most important parts of the website because it showcases the family profiles of parents looking to adopt. Birth mothers can easily browse through the family profiles and read sections that are most important to them, like the parents’ relationship, their work, their hobbies, and their home.

Testimonial Filtering

Testimonials play a powerful role in people’s decision making process, especially when it comes to their children. Birth mothers want to hear that others like them went through the same experience and came out of it happy and confident in their decision. So Gatorworks created a sophisticated filtering post-type that allows users to browse through testimonials in a masonry layout by either birth mothers, adopting families, or the community.

Design Effects

When approaching the design for St. Elizabeth Foundation, we wanted the website to feel soft and welcoming, yet professional as well. We used white space to create a clean, open design and used gradients and flowered designs for a warm, feminine touch. Lastly, we wanted to draw the user’s attention to important sections by using a moving glow effect. With the saying “pregnant women glow” in mind, we felt it was the perfect element for the design.

Digital Marketing Efforts & Success

When it comes to adoption agencies there is typically a significant supply/demand problem. While there are many loving parents wanting to adopt, there aren’t nearly as many birth mothers thinking about putting their child up for adoption. For this reason, we needed to focus our digital marketing efforts on reaching birth mothers specifically.

Google Ad Grants

As a non-profit organization, St. Elizabeth Foundation qualifies for Google’s Ad Grant program. This is a charitable program where a qualifying non-profit has access to up to $10,000 per month in free search ads shown on Google. This amount depends on various factors, but with Gatorworks’ help we’ve been able to manage an account and increase the free ad spend on the account from $50/month to over $300/mo by expanding the campaign and adding relevant keywords.

Blog Writing

Posting blogs is more than just a critical component of a well-rounded SEO strategy, it’s also the best way to educate birth mothers on the process of adoption and peel away the mysteries and uncertainties surrounding it. Every month, Gatorworks writes two blogs that cover a wide range of adoption relevant topics, from navigating the fears of an unwanted pregnancy to finding free resources for birth mothers. With these educational and keyword-specific blogs, Gatorworks has created an archive of relevant, helpful content for anyone seeking information about adoption and the services that St. Elizabeth offers.


By providing a new website and digital strategy, Gatorworks was able to do a small part in St. Elizabeth Foundation’s mission of placing babies in loving homes throughout Louisiana.