Strength in the game and strength in the name. Gatorworks worked with local strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt to build a brand and website fitting of his name.

The Project

The Moffitt Method’s mission is to empower athletes to reach their full potential through remote strength and conditioning training solutions. They collaborate closely with teams, meticulously analyzing the unique requirements of each sport and school. Enlisted by the founders,  our team set out to craft a dynamic logo, brand identity, and website that truly captured the essence of their groundbreaking strength training program. Aiming for a contemporary and adaptable design, Gatorworks embarked on a mission to establish a distinct brand identity for The Moffitt Method. Through our creative vision, we skillfully translated the brand’s fundamental principles into captivating visuals, delivering an unparalleled user experience on their website.

Redefining Strength

During the initial stages, The Moffitt Method expressed their desire for a logo that would embody the distinctiveness of their pioneering business venture. As a startup, they approached us with a name and a vision, which we skillfully transformed into a fearless brand. Conceived by Tommy Moffitt, a former collegiate strength training coach, The Moffitt Method deserved a visual identity that exuded both a timeless quality and a contemporary edge. To achieve this, we introduced captivating graphical elements, strategic positioning, and a compelling new tagline. By incorporating vibrant and dynamic colors and a new tagline “Strength Redefined”, we surpassed our client’s expectations, delivering a powerful and impactful visual representation.

A New Web Experience

After establishing the new brand, our focus shifted towards creating a distinct and captivating web experience for The Moffitt Method. Recognizing the importance of engaging interactivity, we embarked on the mission of bringing the bold visuals to life. One of our approaches involved crafting a dynamic introduction to the brand, utilizing layered image effects and subtle animations of the tagline. This immersive experience seamlessly directs users to sign up for more information about the program, fostering their engagement from the start.

Another integral feature of the website is The Moffitt Method Podcast. Our client had envisioned a podcast as a key component of their marketing efforts, featuring esteemed guests from the sports strength industry sharing their insights on team building. Integrating the podcast feed into the site posed an exciting challenge, requiring meticulous attention to detail in order to enhance the overall user experience.

By carefully combining aesthetics, functionality, and compelling content, we succeeded in creating a web experience that effectively showcases the unique offerings of The Moffitt Method while leaving a lasting impression on users.

Targeting the Right Market

To generate awareness and reach the target audience of high school and small collegiate sports faculty, our digital marketing endeavors were specifically tailored to promote The Moffitt Method. Employing a comprehensive approach, we implemented various strategies to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Site retargeting played a crucial role in keeping The Moffitt Method top-of-mind for potential clients. By strategically placing retargeting pixels on relevant web pages, we were able to present tailored advertisements to individuals who had previously shown interest in the program. This approach aimed to reinforce brand awareness and encourage engagement.

Furthermore, our team conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-impact terms related to strength training, sports, and athletic programs. By optimizing the content and advertising campaigns around these keywords, we ensured that The Moffitt Method would appear prominently in search engine results, enhancing visibility and attracting qualified leads.

Through a combination of organic social growth, site retargeting, and keyword research, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that effectively promoted The Moffitt Method to the desired audience of high school and small collegiate sports faculty.

Project Summary

Gatorworks successfully created a dynamic brand identity, including a captivating logo and website, truly capturing the essence of The Moffitt Method’s groundbreaking program. The website offers an engaging user experience, featuring a dynamic introduction and seamless integration of The Moffitt Method Podcast. To help grow the brand, we utilized social media channels with star coaches in the industry and ensured their site was visible and tailored to Google’s keyword strategies.