After the success of their logo update–Forum225 reached out to Gatorworks to work on their next community project, a relaunch of the “We Are BR” campaign.


With the hopes of revamping this 20-year-old campaign and relaunching it after the St. George and Baton Rouge divide, Forum225 charged Gatorworks with the task of transforming the We Are BR logo into something that the entire community would be proud of.

Bringing it Back

The goal was to create a logo that was modern, bold and timeless–something that people would want to wear on hats, t-shirts and other swag items to represent the city of Baton Rouge anywhere they went. The final logo incorporated details from the past logo, and embodied elements of Baton Rouge that make the city unique. After the intended release at the Community Impact Breakfast in March was postponed as a result of the coronavirus, Forum225 digitally released the logo with 10% of its merchandise sales benefiting the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank through May 1.

Key Features

Swag is the easiest way to get members of the community to promote the We Are BR campaign. With a simple logo design that is legible and transferable to any surface, the We Are BR logo can enhance any item it’s placed on. Color variants were created to allow the logo to be displayed on totes, T-shirts, bumper stickers, or water bottles of multiple colors.

Project Summary

Forum225 and Gatorworks came together for a second time to define what it means to be a part of Baton Rouge. This campaign was originally due to re-launch in the spring of 2020 where all the swag items were to be sold at the Ebb & Flow festival in April. The money from these sales was to be donated to create a landmark for the city–one that would attract attention from tourists and city dwellers. With the spread of COVID19 and social distancing in place, instead, campaign t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise items were sold on Forum225’s website with a portion of those proceeds being donated to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.