Gatorworks Louisiana Website Design 2018


2018 was a big year for Gatorworks in a number of ways. We had new hires, a new office, and many new, exciting clients. We also launched nearly 30 websites throughout the year! We’re proud to be associated with all of our clients and look forward to more in 2019 (four so far and counting!).

2018 Louisiana Website Design Highlights

When we launch a new website, it involves nearly everyone on our team. Account managers, designers, developers, content creators, and digital marketing specialists all have roles. In addition to being tangible representations of talent and collaboration, each site is uniquely designed and developed to attract customers and share information. Our work spans all industries: education, government, finance, media, nonprofit, and more. Here are just a dozen sites we created for fellow Louisiana-based businesses.  

  1. Airboat Adventures
    • For Airboat Adventures, we built a website perfectly suited for digital marketing. We enhanced visitors’ experience with enticing, dynamic visuals. Videos give visitors a preview of this high-octane experience. Cinemagraphs add subtle movement and sleekness throughout the site.
  2. Alarm Center Security Systems
    • Sometimes, the smallest details can make a website. On Alarm Center’s website, we included a pulsing dot theme and hover effect. It appears throughout the Areas We Serve, Services, and Client Portal pages. For a seamless customer experience, we also integrated their online bill pay system.
  3. Baton Rouge Food Bank
    • For the Baton Rouge Food Bank, we need to make it easy for site visitors to give. Whether donating time, food, or funds, the option is available on every page. For impactful storytelling, videos in the header showcase its mission in action. With the password-protected Member Center, users can access their information simply and securely.
  4. City Slice Pizza
    • City Slice needed a website as delicious-looking as its pizzas. For their clientele, the site had to be just as beautiful on a smartphone as it is on a desktop. We created a special mobile menu so customers could easily browse food and drinks. Delivery and pickup ordering is also front-and-center. Hungry pizza lovers can quickly and easily satisfy cravings from their mobile devices.
  5. Eagle Federal Credit Union
    • A website should be simple for the owner to manage and the user to navigate. Easy-to-update, flexible sections give our client complete control. They can change images and content as their rates and needs change. For a smooth user experience, information cards for each checking account are attractively displayed. Customers can browse the best product for them at a glance.
  6. Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company (GILICO)
    • Insurance can seem confusing, complicated and… scary. GILICO needed an intuitive site to share information. Strategic formatting was vital to the user experience. The site showcases forms, documents, tables, and rates in an accessible, readable way.
  7. Guaranty Media
    • This is the overarching site for Baton Rouge beloved radio stations 100.7 The Tiger, 104.5 ESPN, Eagle 98.1, and Talk 107.3. Throughout the site, specialized coverage maps show the breadth of stations’ listening areas. A page for each station showcases on-air personalities and daily lineups.
  8. Gulf Engineers & Consultants (GEC)
    • A company’s history page is often big blocks of (sometimes boring) text. For GEC, we found a more exciting way to share their past with the public. Users can click through an interactive timeline to explore their awards and recognition. Their accolades are many, and this page boosts their credibility and professionalism.
  9. Louisiana Board of Regents
    • As the online resource for Louisiana higher education, this site is very content-heavy. For a better user experience, we prioritized easy navigation between pages. Each inner page has a sidebar and a simple way for the user to see the path of the current page.
  10. Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development: I-10 Corridor Study
    • Ensuring Baton Rouge residents could easily access important information was our main priority. Visitors can see meeting reports and construction-impacted areas. Additionally, a variety of files and resources are available for reading and downloading. Full-page sliders, clever designs, and integrated maps deliver an unexpectedly fun and interactive experience.  
  11. New Orleans BioInnovation Center
    • A site needs to be beautiful as well as functional to inform and delight a variety of audiences. This biotechnology nonprofit needed a website good-looking and informative enough for the general public as well as professionals.
  12. Red Stick School Guide
    • Baton Rouge residents need to use this site to search and explore all the area’s schools. It’s a big decision for any family and we wanted to help empower them with the essential facts. For each school, users can see amenities, extracurricular activities, student performance, and school diversity.

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